Why crowdfunding is the best fundraising option for NGO’s?


While NGOs are busy making a difference in many lives in the community, city, state, country, and globally, finding a funding source has always been a major challenge. Funds have always been the backbone of every NGO and most often they rely on references.

For many NGOs, crowdfunding campaigns at FundCorps has been a major relief as it has helped NGOs raise money for immediate project requirements, saved NGOs from getting shut down, helped NGOs scale up with their projects, sustain their organisation, and secured funding to run their projects for a few years.

Crowdfunding on FundCorps has given many benefits which includes the following:

1) NGOs and Non Profits an opportunity to build up a new audience of 50000+ new donors and volunteers from each campaign.

2) It reduces their time and hence being able to focus on the grass-root level work.

3) It drastically reduces the cost and effort of fundraising. The cost of raising funds through FundCorps crowdfunding is low. The best part about using FundCorps crowdfunding is that it is free to use and there are no additional charges to launch a campaign. There are no pre-investments to be made. All you need is project details and we take care of creating a credible story, creatives, and promotion strategy to attract donors.

4) NGOs and Non-profits usually are technically challenged. Creating a website to maintaining is one other major challenge. Every campaign that goes up on the FundCorps crowdfunding is solely for the purpose to raise awareness and funds.

5) FundCorps crowdfunding has always been focused on providing excellent branding and PR opportunity to NGOs. This has enabled beautiful relationships between NGOs and many donors have come back to fund the same NGO.

6) Corporate CSR partners. FundCorps crowdfunding is known for its transparency and quality of service which makes all the transactions safe and efficient for the Corporates. At the same time the NGO enjoys the benefits of a generous donation by a well-known corporate entity.

7) The donations made to any campaign on FundCorps are very rewarding. Donors get to see where their money was spent, donors get to volunteer with the NGO, donors get 80G tax benefits, donors get some cute rewards from beneficiaries and NGOs as a token of appreciation.

So has your NGO registered for FundCorps crowdfunding? Lets us schedule a call and discuss!

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