Did you know? – Can you answer the 15 questions correct?

  1. What is the idol of Lord Ganesha at Kolhapur called?

A. Chinmaya Ganadhish
B. Thiruvalluvar Ganesh
C. Ganpati Mahadev
D. Mahadev Ganadhish

  1. Large-scale public celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi started in which year?
    1. 1893
    2. 1891
    3. C. 1791
    4. D. 1897
  1. 3. Which is the main sweet served during Ganesh Chaturthi?
  2. A. Modak
    B. Laddoo
    C. Kheer
    D. Pyasam
  3. 4. Ashtavinayaka’, the eight ancient temples of Ganesha are situated in which state of India?
  4. A. None of the above
    B. Madhya Pradesh
    C. Rajasthan
    D. Karnataka
  5. 5. This is not another name of Lord Ganesha?
  6. A. Muralidhar
    B. Vinayak
    C. Ganpati
    D. Ekdanta
  7. 6. What is the height of the statue of Lord Ganesha at Kolhapur?
  8. A. 85 feet tall
    B. 82 feet tall
    C. 80 feet tall
    D. 84 feet tall
  9. 7. This organization celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in London for the first time?
  10. A. The Hindu culture and heritage society
    B. The National Holy society
    C. The Indian culture society
    D. The Hindu syawansevak sangh
  11. 8. What does Prasanna Vadhanam mean?
  12. A. Of Graceful Countenance.
    B. Of Resplendent Beauty
    C. Always forgiving
    D. Of Pious Nature.
  13. 9. Ganesha was depicted as the father of Santoshi Maa in the 1975 Hindi film ‘ Jai Santoshi Maa’. Who were shown as his wives?
  14. A. Ridhi and sidhi
    B. Sidhi and Vidhi
    C. Ridhi and Vidhi
    D. None of the above
  15. 10. The name Lalbaugcha Raja (King of Lalbaug) refers to the Ganesha statue in Lalbaug, Central Mumbai?
  16. A. True
    B. False
  17. 11. Who is the brother of Lord Ganesha?
  18. A. Kartikeya
    B. Indira
    C. Krishna
    D. Narada
  19. 12. What is a special dish undrallu made off?
  20. A. Rice
    B. Milk
    C. Vegetables
    D. Flour
  21. 13. Where is Ballaleshwar Ganapati?
  22. A. Pali
    B. Pune
    C. Theur
    D. Patna
  23. 14. Who wrote the aarti “Sukhharta-Dukhharta”?
  24. A. Samarth Ramdas
    B. Sant Gyaneshwar
    C. Sant Eknath
    D. Sant Tukaram
  25. 15. In Mudgala Purana what does Vikata, an incarnation of Ganesha, ride on?
  26. A. Peacock
    B. Mouse
    C. Lion
    D. Elephant